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All you need to know about Accountability Coaching

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

“Krystal, so what is it that you do?... Oh, I am an Accountability Coach….. awkward silence... "Oh ok… you mean like a life coach?..."

And then I have to find myself explaining a little more in depth what exactly I do.

So today, I am going to explain to you everything you need to know about Accountability Coaching and why I decided to become a coach.

So if you don’t know me yet, you soon will. Look out for a little about me toward the end of this post.

First off, I love to look up words that I’m not familiar with in the dictionary… and so I do the same for my audience.

So let’s get started by breaking down the meaning of those two words and understand them a bit further.

Accountability means being held responsible for your actions

Coaching means supporting someone to achieve their goals

So when someone is an accountability coach, you hire them to:

  • Help you set goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based)

  • Follow up with you regularly and stay on top of your process

  • Remind you to celebrate your successes

  • Help you analyze your setbacks

  • Provide support and strategies to improve your performance

To summarize, an Accountability Coach helps clients stick to their short-term intentions so that they can reach their long term goals.

You may wonder, why Accountability is useful?

Truth is, we are held accountable throughout our lives.

As children, our parents make sure we brush our teeth and go to bed on time

Teachers at school give us tests to make sure we did our home-work

At work, our output is tracked and we get performance reviews

And honestly, many people thrive under these circumstances… making progress, getting things done and hitting their big goals!

This happens mostly when they have someone to answer to.

But what usually happens to our personal goals? The ones that there isnt anyone usually tracking those? These usually fall to the wayside. And this is why Accountability Coaching is super beneficial.

An Accountability Coach will help you follow through on what is most important to you!

Who thrives from Accountability Coaching?

  • If you are someone who does well when others place their expectations on you

  • If you often take on too much and need help to prioritize

  • If you know what you want to achieve and you know that having an accountability coach will get you to your next level

  • If you need a “sounding board” to bounce your ideas off and put a strategy in place

An Accountability Coach is someone who can give you personalized help, advice and most importantly accountability.

How to work with an Accountability Coach

All you need to do is click right here and book a call with me.

As an Accountability Coach, I can help get you up and running with any goal you desire.

I am Krystal, your Big Sister and Accountability Coach. I am working with women who are ready to move on to the next step and remain committed to their goals!!

If this is you, book a call with me now. If not, who do you know?? Let me know!

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