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7 Steps to Remain Motivated

Imagine starting a project with a great deal of energy, you're excited to tackle something new!

As time goes by, you start encountering difficulties, your motivation dwindles, and the project goes on the backburner with too many other things to mention. Talk about information overload! Overwhelm...stress... anxiety creep in... seperately or all at once! Yikes!

You may wonder "How does anybody ever get things done?"

Has this happened to you before?

Are you an entrepreneur or on the road to being one?

Entrepreneurship is not easy-peasy. Being an entrepreneur means you are committed to meeting your goals… but it also means that all the work that needs to be done, has to be done by you... or does it? Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed or suffer from burnout, every now and then?

At the start of my journey, I personally hit burnout at least 2-3 times a year, and I literally took days to recover.

That was NOT good! No bueno!

What about you career professionals? Does work have you feeling burnt-out by Wednesday??!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, I invite you to join me in implementing the following items in order to help you prevent burnout.

Let's help each other and end the year with more freedom and less stress.

1. Clarify your Why.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and remember the reason you’re running your business in the first place. Why did you create this business? What was your original goal or motivation?

2. Visualize finishing the tasks that need to be completed in order to get paid.

Imagine how nice it will be when the tasks are finished and the benefits you’ll enjoy. How will you feel when you successfully launch that course, webinar,or podcast? How fulfilled will you feel hitting your company's deadline?

3. Make it easier - Simplify it:

Try to find some way you can make the tasks more fun, more interesting, simplified, or easier. If it’s a little dull, figure out a way to gamify it. Can the task be delegated? You may not be the one to get it done.

4. Block off time to complete the tasks.

If you’re having trouble working, set aside a specific stretch of time where you can finish the task or make significant progress.

5. Look at how far you’ve come.

If you’re halfway through the task and losing steam, look at how much work you’ve done already to kick some motivation into gear. Take a break and soak in the feeling of accomplishment. Then get back to it!

6. Adjust your mindset.

You might have trouble finishing because you feel the task is too difficult or you don’t have confidence. Try adopting a growth mindset and think about it as an exciting challenge or opportunity to learn.

7. Hold yourself Accountable

How can you hold yourself accountable? Who in your network can help hold you accountable? Find what motivates you to see the project through to the end. Tell others you’re working on this task and when you’ll be done. Your coach, team, or fellow colleagues can help cheer you on till you reach your goal. Or hire an Accountability Coach.

Following through isn’t always easy to do. But together, we can conquer whatever we put our minds to!

I invite you to implement the tips above with me to see where that takes us!

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